Frequently asked questions

If I tip, will it show up on live on stream?

Yes, your genrous tip will show up live on stream. One of our models will personally thank you! Please note - tips will only show if we are live streaming.

If I purchase a subscription for the live-stream, what do I get?

To be determined.

What alerts show up live on the stream?

1. All tips/donations 2. Youtube subscriptions and superchats
3. Pateron subscritpions
4. Merchandise purchases

Whats the difference between the Exclusive Live Stream and the Youtube/Facebook streams?

To be determined.

What does the tip board mean?

The tip board shows the exact amount for a particular alert to be triggered LIVE on stream. For example, if you tip $4.20 - then a special alert will be displayed live on stream.

Certain tip amounts give you access to special alerts and allow you to display a message on stream.

What does the top monthly tipper receive?

To be determined.

What is our stream schedule?

To be determined.

Where can I find the girls socials in the live-stream?

To be determined.

What is proper chat ediquite? What things should I avoid when chatting?

To be determined.

When is Babes Espresso going to start their exclusive live streaming venture?

We will begin streaming live Monday, November 1, 2020.

How do I start chatting?

To be determined.

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